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 Iphone Is No Longer the Best Seller Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Iphone is always the best seller in the world market. Especially in China, so many young people are proud to have one at hand, which means they are in the fashion trend SmarTone. The news even reported a guy sold his kidney just for collecting enough money to buy an iphone. It is true that iphone has the advanced technology and the system always works better than other smart phones'. But recently, the media made a report about the best seller on cellphone, to everyone's surprise SmarTone, the winner of all the time has come to second place and the new winner is Oppo. We are happy that foreign product is not the customers' first choice, and they start to choose domestic products, which shows the improvement of our technology. We are so proud of the improvement, someday, there will be more homemade products SmarTone. l

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 By Hans Christian Andersen Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

  All the songs of the east speak of the love of the nightingale for the rose in the silent starlight night. The winged songster serenades the fragrant flowers .    Not far from Smyrna, where the merchant drives his loaded camels, proudly arching their long necks as they journey beneath the lofty pines over holy ground, I saw a hedge of roses. The turtle-dove flew among the branches of the tall trees, and as the sunbeams fell upon her wings, they glistened as if they were mother-of-pearl. On the rose-bush grew a flower, more beautiful than them all, and to her the nightingale sung of his woes; but the rose remained silent, not even a dewdrop lay like a tear of sympathy on her leaves. At last she bowed her head over a heap of stones, and said, "Here rests the greatest singer in the world; over his tomb will I spread my fragrance, and on it I will let my leaves fall when the storm scatters them. He who sung of Troy became earth, and from that earth I have sprung. I, a rose from the grave of Homer, am too lofty to bloom for a nightingale." Then the nightingale sung himself to death. A camel-driver came by, with his loaded camels and his black slaves; his little son found the dead bird, and buried the lovely songster in the grave of the great Homer, while the rose trembled in the wind .     The evening came, and the rose wrapped her leaves more closely round her, and dreamed: and this was her dream.

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 These two types of people are not suitable for drinking milk Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Milk is a very common food in our daily life, and milk is rich in nutrition. It is good for us. So what are the benefits of drinking milk? Who can't drink milk?

The nutritional value of milk

The amount of nutrients in milk is similar to that of the human body, so drinking milk is a good choice. According to the modern nutrition research found that every 100 grams of milk and water, there are about 87 grams, 3.3 grams of protein, fat, 4 g, 5 g carbohydrates, 120 mg of calcium, it also contains iron, vitamin A, vitamin B group, niacin, vitamin C, etc., can provide abundant nutrients for human body.

The benefits of drinking milk

1. Inhibit tumor

Milk contains a substance, the substance can damage the human body contains carcinogenic risk of free radicals, and the ability to rapidly and cell membrane, is in a state of defense carcinoma material into the cell, and from a very good play the role of cancer prevention. This substance is called CLA, in addition, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin D and other substances in milk interact with each other, which can facilitate the decomposition of carcinogens as soon as possible, and expel them in time.

2. Improve skin

Milk has the function of beauty and beautification, drink frequently, can make PIP become more smooth and moist and glossy. Milk contains high levels of pure protein, high fat, minerals and vitamins, especially rich in vitamin B, which moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth and tender.

The myth of drinking milk

1. The milk must be boiled

Milk sterilization temperature requirements is not high, and 70 ℃ in 3 minutes, 60 ℃ in 6 minutes. If boiled, temperature of 100 ℃, in the milk lactose coking, and caramel, caused cancer. After boiling, calcium in milk can result in phosphoric acid precipitation, thus reducing the nutritional value of milk.

2. Take the medicine with milk

Some people think that it's definitely good to take something that's nutritious, but it's extremely wrong. Milk can obviously influence the absorption rate of the drug, so that the concentration of drugs in the blood is significantly lower than that in the same time. Medicine with milk still easy to make medicines covering membrane surface, make the minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions and drugs in milk produces chemical reaction, generate the water-insoluble substances, which not only reduces the effectiveness, may also cause harm to the body. Therefore, it is best not to drink milk for 1 or 2 hours before and after taking the medicine.

Who can't drink milk

1. Patients with digestive tract ulcer should not drink milk

Although milk can alleviate stomach acid to the stimulation of ulcer surface, but because it can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa to secrete a lot of stomach acid, can make disease aggravate.

2. Patients with iron deficiency anemia should not drink milk

The iron in food must be converted into ferrous iron in the digestive tract to be absorbed. If milk is drunk, the iron in the body is combined with calcium salt and phosphorus salt of milk to form insoluble compounds, which affect the absorption and utilization of iron, which is not conducive to the recovery of anemia patients The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year's warranty. So, do some work with this machine!.

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 Cough to eat more fruit or aggravate the disease Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Fruit refers to the fruit of the edible plant fruit, which is the sweet and sour taste. Fruit is not only rich in nutrition, but also can help digestion, therefore has been loved by many people. A lot of people think that the fruit has a lot of benefits, so the cold, stomach pain, cough, and so on small problems appear like to eat more fruit, think they can help restore, but is it true GuangDong Hotel sincerely introduces our guests with the most popular hong kong shopping spots. The Avenue of Stars is the eastern node of tourist attractions along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.?

Fruit eating wrong can aggravate the disease

Colds and coughs, many people habitually give patients pears; If the stomach hurts, many people also like to eat fruit. But in the eyes of TCM experts, this is not necessarily true.

An eight-zero beauty, because of the normal work pressure and irregular food, so the stomach is not good, easy to be hungry, and often belching. So she prepared a lot of fruit in the office, and by morning and afternoon, she could not only replenish energy but also nourish her stomach. She felt great! But the truth is, her stomach seems to be more uncomfortable, always feeling "a fire has been going up" in the body, and the pharynx is badly blocked, even with a tone of voice. Results in the hospital, it was found that the typical gastroesophageal reflux had been treated with esophageal erosion.

The doctor says this is typical "the worse you get, the worse you get." Some stomach acid patients have a lot of acid, if you eat fruit, you may add back to the flow, but the result will hurt the esophagus and bring more discomfort. Besides, there is a lot of cold in the fruit, but many stomach and stomachache patients should eat less cold and cold, not only cold drinks, cold dishes should eat less, but those cold fruit should not eat more.

In addition, eating fruit for coughs can sometimes "add insult to injury". Because cold cough, cough, cough also points that many parents have cough diet, it is very good for hot cough, but does not suit the for cold cough, even aggravate, rather than ginger soup is effective.

Cough is not only the matter of the lung, the five organs can cause, such as heart failure can cause cough, kidney disease edema can also, the throat discomfort, the gastroesophageal reflux can cause cough. However, the cough in the lungs tends to carry purulent sputum, which is caused by inflammation in the lungs, while other viscera cough is mainly dry cough. And eating fruit is not symptomatic of many cough sufferers PolyU has a strong record for collaborative research and technology research asia to solve specific technology problems (e.g. aviation operations) and develop new products..

Don't eat a lot of fruit

1, watermelon

Watermelon sex taste is cool, fan hot and thirsty, the heart is hot, can eat watermelon appropriately to relieve heat of heat; But eating more is bad for your health. This is because, from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, watermelon is cold, excessive consumption is easy to cause stomach cold, abdominal distension, gastrointestinal digestion and other undesirable symptoms. In addition, watermelon contains extremely rich in sugar, eat watermelon, will consume large amounts of sugar, excess sugar substances become fat accumulate in the body, make body fluids acid environment, affect human body health, but also affects a balanced diet, reduce the intake of protein, minerals, that cause nutritional imbalance. Therefore, watermelon should not eat more.

2, litchi

Litchi is a special fruit in the south of China. It is delicious and delicious. However, lychee should not eat more, or you may have lychee disease. Because most of the litchi contained monosaccharide were fructose, fructose after being absorbed by the body must be approved by a series of enzyme catalysis, can be turned into glucose for energy or converted into glycogen storage, oxidation by tissue cells. If you eat too many lychees at one time and eat too much fructose, your blood sugar, which is the concentration of glucose in your blood, can lower your blood sugar levels than normal. Therefore, litchi disease is a low blood sugar caused by acute disease, characterized by early morning, often with sweat, cold limbs, weakness, abdominal pain and laxation early symptoms, then all of a sudden convulsions and coma. If not treated, can die within a few hours. Especially children, should pay attention not to eat more, otherwise will seriously affect health.

3, banana

Bananas are a delicious fruit, so some people eat a lot of bananas at once. I don't know, it's very bad for my health. Bananas contain more magnesium, potassium and other elements, although these minerals are necessary to human body health but if in a short time, eating too much at once, it will cause a sharp increase in the content of magnesium, potassium in the blood caused by potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other elements of the imbalance, cause harm to health. In addition, eating more bananas will also cause gastrointestinal disorders and mood swings due to a significant decrease in gastric acid secretion. Therefore, bananas should not be overeaten.

4, apple,

Apple is very popular among people because it is sweet and delicious, rich in nutrition, convenient to eat and can cure many diseases. But eating too much or eating too much of it can lead to a lot of problems. This is because, the apple contains a lot of sugar and potassium, each hectogram apple contains 100 milligrams of potassium, and only 14 mg of sodium, potassium and sodium ratio is too wide, eating too much is bad for the heart, kidney health. In particular, patients with coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, nephritis, and diabetes aggravate the burden of the heart and kidneys, which is not conducive to health. Therefore, apple should not eat too much, the average consumption is 1-2 daily Popular attractions in hong kong china tour become easily accessible by the "High Speed Rail". Visit PartnerNet to learn about this multi-destination tour..

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 Sharp to seek all Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

  Girls Jiang children from the world from innocent "lost", has been a full 386 days. Over 300 days and nights, Jiang's mother has been struggling hard to find a fair way for her daughter. She did her mother's best, trying to pass her daughter's roommate and one of the scene parties, and Liu Xin, a murderer's former girlfriend, knew the details and truth behind the incident. However, after 294 days after the incident, Liu Xin refused to meet with her; she sold the house, hired lawyers in China and Japan, and made petitions to and from China and Japan for several times, eventually only to the death of the murderer Chen Shifeng. However, since the incident, Chen Shifeng was away from public opinion Whirlpool, fully to get rid of the death penalty and quietly operation Dr protalk.

  Sun Li, vice president of education Purcell: moral education behind Jiang's appeal

  Jiang Song case of the perpetrators Chen Shifeng

  The brutal victimization of innocent people is the most distressing one. Especially after seeing the video Jiang Jiang's mother interviewed and the series of articles she wrote, she knew that Liu Xin was not able to meet her. His mother scolded Jiang Jian for his short life After that, knowing Murderer Chen Shifeng had no regrets and heavily hired a defense lawyer to escape severe cases, the feeling became heavier and heavier. Distressed at the same time, I repeatedly think about the real cause of the tragedy. Finally, I came to an answer: When human morality is disqualified and life-time sense of awe is lost, it is time for the tragedy to take place. The crux of avoiding or reducing tragedies lies in the fact that people should learn to realize moral self-discipline through moral education.

  So, who should bear the responsibility of moral education? In other words, what are the subjects that can help people achieve ultimate moral self-discipline and always have a respect for life? I think at least three main bodies can not shirk this responsibility.

  Family moral responsibility for the child to the responsibility of the child: born the first identity, is the parents of children, so the parents bear the child's inherent educational obligations, which inevitably includes the responsibility of parents to children moral enlightenment. Just think, if Chen Shifeng received a good family moral enlightenment and education since childhood, then he will not grow into such an irritable, extreme, seemingly as righteous as a moral disqualification, Jiang Ge will not be 24 years old, Death, Jiang Ge mother will not experience so desperate funeral pain; if Liu Xin did not deliberately avoided after the incident, Liu Xin mother Jiang Jiang's mother did not say "your daughter is short-lived," such kind of tear Heart words, but firmly to accompany Jiang's mother to weather the storm, then Jiang's mother may suffer the pain may be reduced even if a penny. However, if nothing is done, the tragedy has already taken shape. Its ultimate significance can only be to give the world a warning: parents should shoulder the responsibility of moral enlightenment and education for their children, and should lead by example in cultivating children to distinguish between good and evil, knowing Right and wrong, respect for others personality and life of good character. Otherwise, once the child commits crimes that touch the law and the moral bottom line, it is not only the sinners themselves who are strongly denounced, but also the parents who have failed moral education.

  Sun Li, vice president of education Purcell: moral education behind Jiang's appeal

  Jiang Xin one of the people present Liu Xin

  Moral Responsibility for School Education of Students: For thousands of years, people have never stopped discussing the nature of the school and the significance of its existence. One of the most accepted conclusions is that schools are places where teaching and educating people. However, in fact, due to the impact of the exam-oriented education system, what is actually practiced in schools today is the teaching principle of "re-teaching and educating people." It is reported that Jiang Shi incident culprit Chen Shifeng college during his girlfriend for half a month had been violent assault, the victim reported to the school Chen Shifeng's bad behavior, but the school gives the handling of reconciliation is reconciliation, rest easy. After the victims had to leave for a semester, and Chen Shifeng moved from quarters of eight people into a single dorm facing the sea. According to the treatment of the school at the time, the victim gave the explanation is: Chen Shifeng excellent performance, the school is unwilling to admit good students' mistakes, so choose the big things small, small things. If the school was able to punish Chen Shifeng for the necessary sanctions and moral education at this time, is Jiang's song now one step closer to his dream of traveling around the world? School of non-moral indulgence of students behavior, neglect of shaping the students moral character, and ultimately by the innocent people pay, the school is not it also should bear some responsibility wine course?

  Sun Li, vice president of education Purcell: moral education behind Jiang's appeal

  Part of the disclosure of his girlfriend during Chen Shifeng University

  Obligation of society to condemn individuals: In recent years, with the rapid development of society and economy, the mobility of people in cities has been increased, and the category of "stranger" society has become larger. Therefore, the traditional mechanism of social morality regulation will change accordingly - the Internet takes on the obligation of social moral condemnation. From the Jiang Song incident, Liu Xin has been avoiding the contact with Jiang Ge mother after the incident, and she did not agree until after the mass media tide swept through. When she kept apologizing to Jiang's mother, Jiang Ge mother bluntly: "You are sorry I did not say to me, not to Jiang Ge said." Perhaps, Liu Xin that sound "sorry", more sense is Condemned social morality compromise, she hopes morality can let go of her. People can understand Liu Xin's survival instinct at the time of the incident, but can not forgive her as one of the parties, Jiang's mother to avoid being seen. She escaped the Jiang song mother, but can not escape social condemnation of public opinion. It can be said that Liu Xin finally dared to face and assume, social morality condemned to play a major role. From this we can see that the obligation of the Internet community to supervise, regulate and condemn personal morality can not be absent at any time because facts tell us that when certain laws are not effective against certain incidents and some people exert their chains, social moral condemnation is Can be replaced by it Regarded as one of the top engineering universities in Hong Kong, PolyU provides a wide range of engineering programmes, including construction programme, which put significant focus on the application of knowledge..

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